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hi i have an extra z6 laying around that i want to build n/a. im not looking foe a ton of power, just want a motor that will motivate a little more. ive been doing some reasearch before starting a thread to save members some time. but thius is what i have for an idea so far.
stock bore z6 block
mild mill on z6 head to check for tru
port and pollish with 3 angle valve job
supertech valves with titanium retainers and the supertech springs
cam re grind to match a street/race stage 3 cam or a new cam.
(dont know how ppl feel about re grinds)
h beam rods just for extra durability
p29 pistons and stock rings
stock z6 honda oem gasket and bearing set.
ARP head bolts
lightweight crank pully balanced to rotating assembly
lightweight flywheel
dc 4-2-1 header
walker high flow cat
2.5 mid pipe with res
2.5 n1 axle back with baffle
2.5 inch c.a.i for more low end
stock trottle body
not sure if i will use my stock z6 intake mani or a y8 (looking for opinion)
walbro 255 fuel pump
240cc? injectors?
fuel pressure regulator for 50 psi
stock ignition system
not sure what to use for tune system.
and no clue what it would have for whp.

just looking for oppinions, do's and donts i rather not hear o! just go n/a B swap i have a full z6 as a spare and would like to do a small build to it. thanks for anyones time. if i missed anything please ask me
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