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dad finally allowes me to get intake

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ahh..finally after 4 months of getting my 2002 coupe v6, my dad said i can get an intake for my doubt ima get the aem cai for my car...but he doesnt want me to lower my car just yet...dang..i want to lower my car..but my dad wont let me...i just want to know...can lowering your car ruin anything of ur car...i know scratches..but alignment, etc...

i know there was a post for intakes before..but if u guys can give me more would be helpful..

installation time?

overall gains?

does it have any negative effects on car?

cleaning process?

maintence infromation?

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hah, i paid 200+ for my AEM CAI and it looks damn good and has no defects, anything breaking, etc

my friend bought and "EBAY Special" Chrome CAI and his bracket to hold the top portion down broke off!! and he hasnt even had it for a month! It looks nice though, all chrome, but i guess the quality just isnt there

oh ya, why does ur dad care about the intake?
you should tell him it increases gas mileage and the efficiency of the engine
you helping the environment!! :rolleyes:
:D :p
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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