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dad finally allowes me to get intake

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ahh..finally after 4 months of getting my 2002 coupe v6, my dad said i can get an intake for my doubt ima get the aem cai for my car...but he doesnt want me to lower my car just yet...dang..i want to lower my car..but my dad wont let me...i just want to know...can lowering your car ruin anything of ur car...i know scratches..but alignment, etc...

i know there was a post for intakes before..but if u guys can give me more would be helpful..

installation time?

overall gains?

does it have any negative effects on car?

cleaning process?

maintence infromation?

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Hehe, its alright to get the CAI dude, I was like you too a few months ago when I got my ride, now my car is in the shop for a totally different colour paint job kaka.. and my dad is mad like hell.. sayin' "why you waste money?" "you have too much money" "car depriciate and you put more money into car?" "you so stupid" and stuff like that.. but after a while they don't really care anymore.. maybe its because its a new car or something but my dad never drives my car anyways.. if you really want to mod your car i suggest you do it slowly and add things that are not too obvious, like decorate the inside of your car and see what your parents say about it. Then drop your car, add a spoiler/fogs if you don't have them.. then add rims.. tint.. then bodykit.. haha..
exhaust is last because parents don't like loud "cocky" cars..
As for the AEM, i think that is one of the best buys you can get for your money, although you don't really "see" any real gains the sound is really kool.. it goes shoooooooo.. and goes shrooommvvv... when it hits v-tech hehe.. nice choice and good luck with your car!
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Kinda off topic but does the short ram AEM sound better/louder or the CAI? thx.
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