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dad finally allowes me to get intake

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ahh..finally after 4 months of getting my 2002 coupe v6, my dad said i can get an intake for my doubt ima get the aem cai for my car...but he doesnt want me to lower my car just yet...dang..i want to lower my car..but my dad wont let me...i just want to know...can lowering your car ruin anything of ur car...i know scratches..but alignment, etc...

i know there was a post for intakes before..but if u guys can give me more would be helpful..

installation time?

overall gains?

does it have any negative effects on car?

cleaning process?

maintence infromation?

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i just cant relate to this im so old. but i cant believe 99% of parent's would notice an intake especially and ice/box.(not an open filter design)
SHort-RAM is way louder than CAI...........

probably cus short-ram is closer to you....but I heard they sound the same from the outside.

and for exhaust.......just a get a exhaust tip for now...... or buy some aftermarket one thats not noisy......hehe like Comptech or Kakimoto.
im in the exact situation, 17, wanted a used car and got a new one. the new one is nice but my dad is slow to letting me mod, he says its because he has put so much money into the car and he doesnt want me to as well. the only mod i want really bad is the supercharger. you just have to warm your parents up to the idea, let is sit in their mind for a while. my first car was a V8 grand cherokee and i wanted to straight pipe it past the cat so bad. well i made sure my dad knew this, everyday! i drove it for 2 weeks and then i straight piped it, hehe, it sounded like a bad mofo and i was happy, same with the supercharger, he knows i want it, i tell him everyday, he also knows i gots the money to put it on. will i get it, prob. but i wont be the first with it. :D
no problem with me......
I bought my own cars and mods .
They may tell me to save money, and don't waste money like that... "just in case anything happens" .
SICV6 said:

uh oh im guilty :) OF THE EBAY SPECIAL!! ahh well for 20 bucks i couldnt resist. --joe who will buy the ICEBOX when it comes out!

PS- how do i resize these pics THEY are so DAMN BIG!!! --JOE
From the pic, isn't the Comptech icebox sort of like a modified stock air box with a short ram stuck in it?

So couldn't one technically, get a short ram, then modify the stock air box upper lid to make your own ghetto ice box? What would be the difference?
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Does anyone work hard and buy their own cars and not depend on mommy and daddy to get them their rides anymore. No offense to those lucky enough to have parents with enough money to burn on new cars, but if you say that you cant do anything to your car because your parents won't let you, THEN ITS NOT YOUR CAR
its not my parents wont let me..its just dat its a new car..and they dont want me to rush it with the mods...i asked for a used car to play around with...but my parents dont want to worry about maintenance shtuff.
RAW42G said:
Does anyone work hard and buy their own cars and not depend on mommy and daddy to get them their rides anymore.
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3.0 thats a relief. I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did, but there are too many people that complain about shit when they dont even deserve what they have in the first place. But if I was you, I would doo tings to improve the looks of the car first.
hey stevevtec wassup !! i guess we walk the walk :zombie:
none taken raw42g...i jus wanna have some fun with the car...kinda regret getting av6..i love the car...but everytime i get the new super street magazine...i wish i could have gotten the S15..mann the s15 is a sweet car...anywayse...
but of course im grateful that my parents got me a matter what...its still a friggin car.. come to think of it...the av6 is not bad at all..its actually a really good car..just not when your mentality is on racing!
fix up your car slowly, and only on stuff that u can get away with, i.e. under the hood, or stereo upgrades. If u do cosmetic upgrades, just fib alittle on the price...or say u borrowed it from a friend who is selling their car..but letting u worked on my parents..but then again, i bought the car on my i stopped bs ing to them...but they still get mad...for example, when i came home with a cf hood..they were mad..even though its my car.

by the way, there are haters out there..don't mind them...they think your spoiled, but who long as u dont take your car for granted and that u kno that your parents didn't have to buy it for u..and that u appreciate them.

dont worry man, i got hated on when people found out that my first car was a ls400......oh well, lucky me...
i notices that you have a 2002 coupe.....too bad you cant buy an Oem body kit to match the racing personality. But honestly, switch that racing persona of least for the accord. Our cars are are extremely vulnerable when it comes to impacts. Any little thing will fuck your car up. there is nutting wrong with wanting to soup up your family car, but understand that you will not get far no matter how much you bolt on. By the time you finish with all your mods, you could have bought a real sports car, or at least a luxury car. For me, I have a 2000 coupe so i bought the body kit for it. I refuse.....again........refuse to drive my car until it looks the way I want it to. Everytime I went somewhere, something woyuld happen to that car. i went though 3 front bumpers and 3 passenger side fenders because someone either hit me when i was parked or when i had pulled over to let someone out. I dont know if you might remember my post before this site was revamped ( stupid bitch hit my car) but I pulled over to let my friend out to the store, 2 minutes later, some stupid bitch with a can gets too close to my car and scrapes my driver side fender, her running board rips off my front bumper with my fogs in them, and it ruins my custom grill. it was only until last week that i was able to report this to her insurance company and my car has been in the shop since december 7!!!! Anyways, i saving up for a system from the bassmechanic and soem rims and some other goodies. i really like the Led mirrors and i wanna get those too. But the moral of this story, go for show first.
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hahahah...oorahh...hahaaha..nice dogg
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