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:hehe Maybe one time, but I don't know about a life time of nookie. :hehe Good thing JB's Dad didn't win an F1 race before JB was born LOL! :hehe

Dad: 'Watching Jense win is better than sex'

Monday August 07 2006

Jenson Button's father, John, was on hand to watch his son claim his maiden grand prix win in Hungary on Sunday and proclaimed the experience was "better than sex."

On his 113th F1 start, Jenson finally claimed his elusive first victory when he took the chequered flag ahead of Pedro de la Rosa and Nick Heidfeld, resulting in his father feeling extremely emotional.

"I'm holding back the tears and I said that would never happen, but it's so emotional," John told ITV.

"Fantastic, and back from 14th on the grid! It was hard-earned race, it was unbelievable."

He added: "It feels better than sex!"

John also believes his son's maiden win will see both Jenson and Honda's stock in Formula One increase sharply.

"It will move him and the team up another notch. It's just natural."
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