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Damn.. Forgot to put rubber ring on valve cover!!

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I've took the valve cover off my car the last week. and one of the rubber rings came off which i didnt see.. (The rubber that sits under the bolts and bolts the valve cover onto the engine)

After my top speed run on my lude yesterday.. I've came home, pop the hood, and shit... oil all over the place.. I check the dip stick.. oil still at same level.. So then i check were it came from.. I didnt see the rubber ring, and saw a gap between the bolt and the valve cover leaving a opening for oils to come out.. So i've look all over the engine bay for the rubber ring, and luckly i found it... Put it back on..

So here's my question.. my engine would be ok correct?? cause oil level on the dip stick is fine...
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Its fine, cause the oil just splattered around your engine bay, thats it. oil level was fine.

BTW a li OT where in MN are you in?
I am from hopkins, CA now though.
I am from Slayton Mn but i live in Dallas, Tx now.
hehe, i did the same thing one time when setting my cam gears...just a big oops!
your engine should be fine as long as you still kept enough oil in your engine.

i'm moving to the twin cities in january, do u guys meet up vry often up there??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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