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DBZ Game coming to US , with tight storylines based off the real stuff.

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Yes its true , were getting some straight up DBZ games here in america. Sad thing though , they come in GAME BOY ADVANCE flavor only.

But on that note , yipee were getting DBZ games in america. Also dont get too sad , now you can easily bring goku with you anywhere you go.

Im not real sure on the whole gameplay , but i think its rpg style. And i think your goku. You go around and it seems they have some pretty good graphics and worlds that look pretty much like DBZ...or at least from what a handheld can offer.

Either way im sure this is just the tip of the iceburg.
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I still think DBZ legends (import for ps1) is the best dragonball game. it had ghetto graphics but its fun
dbz for ps2 would be the shit
HONDA_LS said:
dbz for ps2 would be the shit
hell yeah it would be
DBZ hyper dimension on SNES was pretty tight too.
Yeah if I could find that ps1 game.... I guess i forgot to mention there already are some dbz games in the US.

Also there is one for the ps2 i remember seeing awhile back.....but I havent heard anything about it.
i remember back in the day before i got into dbz,i always saw at blockbuster the db gt final bout fighting game in english for rent and it was always day it was there so i rented it graphics were tight but game paly sucked so i really didn't like it i didn't know what to do,this was about probably 3-4 years ago. returned it never gave a thought.then i got into dbz and i remembered that i rented the game and wanted to rent it again so i went back, but they gave it to another blockbuster,went over there and they said someone broke that sucks. never saw another english version again. does the mod chip translate the japanese into english?i'll go out and buy all the ps1 dbz games at the viet store on colonial.they got like all of them.
i wouldnt put in a mod chip. voids the warrenty. get an emulator that clips on the back, looks like a gameshark. It will not translate to english. sorry. and if u found a final bout in a store, thats a really rare find. they made a REALLY small amount of the english version, but the game isnt that good anywayz. go for the dbz legends. it has ghetto graphics but u can control three fighters during a six man fight.
it was at blockbuster,the final bout i found at a store is an import.
HONDA_LS said:
dbz for ps2 would be the shit
Werd man, I would stay at my friend's all day lol or maybe I'd just buy a ps2 then. :)
They need to make DBZ like DOA3.....
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