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dc headers!!help!!

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ok, i installed a set of 421 dc headers on my ex and i had to splice o2 sensor cause of where the new o2 sensor was, but ever since i did that the check engine light is on. i took the o2 sensor back off and soldered the splices, but its still on....i heard that dc makes a o2 sensor extension this tru? and if anyone has this or knows where i can get one let me know...thanks alot..myka
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first make sure all your connections and soldering is good
then you might want to reset your computer.
i did solder them together, so the connection is good. and i did reset the ecu......i think that all theres is left for me to do is get the connector and replace my o2 the way did u do this and your light went off? or you just goin by what youve heard/read? it is throwing a o2 sensor code, so i know thats the prob, but i cant seem to fix it.....thanks
yes dc sports has an extension for your O2 sensor that you can get from them.
you can also get an o2sensor simulator... because I'm going to need that shit when I get my catback
What year civic has this problem (O2 sensor not reaching the "plug-in" spot)?
its a 00 civic..and yes the o2 sensor is not reaching plug in....does anyone know how much this connector would be from dc sports??? i've tried emailing them on there website but i dont know if my computers f***ed up or there web site is. b/c it wont let me email them...
hey your O2 sensor should reach fine. I have a 99 Ex and mine reached ok. Plus don't bother emailing them. They won't respond. You have to call them and you will get someone within a couple of minutes.
well i bought the headers came off a different year..i think it was a 96!
do you have a 4 wire o2 sensor? i thought the 4 wire ones had one wire that was shielded, and if you cut that one you were screwed...
did you check what code is coming on?
even though it is from a 96 it should still fit fine because 92-00 it is all the same.
yeah it fits, but the o2 sensor is in a different spot than stock.. i have another o2 sensor i just need the dc extension plug....or someone that has fixed this problem before to tell me how to fix...thanks for all the reply's..
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