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2 years back the bonnet of my DC2 Integra Type-R wasn't latched properly and flew up on the highway.

Ever since then I've been facing many different problems as a result, mostly damage to the body.

I've given my car to a few body shops who weren't able to sort the leak and stuffed it up even more by concealing the rust with fibreglass fillers,
rather than cutting the rust out. Running out of options and the leaks have been getting worse.

Currently, I am trying to fix a water leak from the roof which took some impact when the bonnet flew up.
I've taken the roof carpet out of the interior and have discovered a lot of condensation throughout the roof,
as well as water droplets and rust on the rear side of the roof.

I attempted to find a temporary solution to stop the car flooding while it was parked up, and used silicone to try seal the leaking areas, however this did not hold up.
I'm unsure how bad the rust has eaten the roof, I'm really hoping I can still save the car otherwise I will need to get rid of it as running out of space.

There's also another leak in the spare tyre area, the water fills through each of the side channels above the rear tyres, and eventually overflows and drops to the center of the boot.
I have been unable to pinpoint exactly how the water has gotten in.

Hoping someone can provide me their knowledge and experiences with fixing a leaky car in similar conditions to this.

Thanks much appreciated.
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