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Who are we?
Import Bible is a small business started in April of 2007, my goal is to produce high quality, well designed car t-shirts. We are decently established in the car community but still not well known.

Our reviews: Our Reviews! - JDM Style Tuning Forum

The DC5R shirt is priced at $22 USD, purchase it with another shirt and receive $5 off your order!

Our Shirts
Quality over quantity is our game, all shirts are silk screened on to American Apparel tee's. They
will also be using our own tags and will be packaged with Import Bible stickers. Sizing details
below, please be aware that these shirts are slim fit and may require sizing UP.

Preorder length, production and shipping details.
The preorder will run from August 14th to August 29th, after that production will take up to 2 - 3 weeks.
Why does it take so long? To make sure all orders are of the highest quality, 2 - 3 weeks will allow
me to make sure all issues that come up will be fixed in time for shipment. After production is done
all packages will be shipped via AIR mail and can take up to 14 days to arrive. Shipping is $5 Canada
/ USA and $8 to everywhere else. So to recap:

Preorder date: August 14th - August 29th
Production date: August 30th - September 13th (earliest) or September 20th (latest)
Shipping date: Day after production finishes.

Here are the pictures, click any of them to visit the website.

$22 + S/H

All ordering must be done through the site, please PM after you have ordered if you would like me to keep
tabs on Super Honda. If you require 3XXL sizing please PM me. Visit the website here.
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