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Deep gurgling exhaust?

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Which, if any, cat-back exhausts give that deep gurgling sound that the V8s on Mustangs and Camaros have? I have a CC DC Sports 4-2-1 header so I was looking at getting the DC Sports cat-back to go with it. But which make that nice sound and give you more low torque?
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get a gun rack, then you can be a hick with a camero or mewstang....

actually if you have a turbo car, it will make that noise...

dc sports adds torque and HP but won't give you that noise.
That Deep gurgling is usually only reserved for larger displacement engines.

I am a fan of the Thermal R&D, it is a nice affordable catback with a deep tone and minimal raspiness. It also happens to be made of SS piping all the way back, "good stuff."

I'v also had a Greddy EVO. I liked it but, it tended to get a little too much on long trips. I also noticed after a few months that it developed rust around the welds on the cannister.

For me I'm deciding between the SMSP catback and the Hytech. Both are serious custom catbacks with true 2 1/2 piping. Another to consider might be the Kakimoto-R.

Good luck,

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I don't think you are going to find an exhaust to give you that deep gurlging sound that the V8's have. The comptech exhaust is fairly deep though, may want to take a look at that.
poke some random holes in the piping, it'll sound sweet :rolleyes:
junglistgsr said:
poke some random holes in the piping, it'll sound sweet :rolleyes:
well if u want that sound, just get a mustang or a camaro. but you could try thermal, apex dunk, or greddy evolution, those are pretty low. I have the dunk, it was real low to start with but after a while, it gets better sounding. more of a racing sound.
Anyone with aftermarket turbo kits on their cars have anything to say about exhausts? I'm debating whether to go with Thermal's turbo system, which is 3" all the way back, or get a very highly-recommended muffler shot here in Austin to do a custom job... I'm mostly worried about loudness. Any free-flowing exhaust will make for a loud system, but with the gases flowing through the turbine, the turbo will act as a muffler in itself.

I'd don't want to have my turbo kit on for long without aftermarket exhaust, but I'm going to make sure it sounds right before I spend the money. That's just how I do things.

Any opinions?

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