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Hello, everyone.

I own a 1995 Del Sol with the VTEC engine and automatic transmission. The car was left parked for about two months, was started and moved from one location to another (about 500 feet or so) where it still remains.

The engine will start, run for varying lengths of time (from 5 to 15 minutes...depending on the outside temperature, I'm thinking) and stop as if you'd turned the key to "off".

The main relay checked properly, but was replaced with a new one anyway.

A Genisys scanner was attached and shows correct throttle position, manifold vacuum, etc. The only abnormal readings were engine rpm...the tach in the vehicle shows correctly...the scanner shows "inf". The engine temperature indicator in the vehicle shows "cold" (never moves) and the scanner never showed over 136 degrees (after 15 minutes of run time). I noticed that the A/C compressor clutch had become inoperative as well.

Also, when the engine stopped, no codes were set. I'm thinking that this points to a bad ECM, but would like another opinion (or more) before I shell out the money for one.

Has anyone had a similar experience that "wasn't" the ECM gone south? I'm running out of things to check.

Thank you.
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