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DFW Del Sol Meet (announcement)

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The DFW Del Sol gang will meet this Saturday, March 2nd, at noon at the Sonic Drive-in on Frankfort and Preston. The manager invited us to park out front (prime show), and he's offering food discounts. This is amazing in that usually those kinda folks try to run us off.

After munchies and talking trash about each other's rides, we'll Sol Train over to Racing Sol in Plano. Look forward to seeing as many Sols there as possible.

Also mark you calendars for Sunday, April 7th for the Sport Compact Chaos at the Texas Motorplex Speedway. Details later.

Warped Sol
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that's really cool, wish I could be there, but, well, I don't live in your state... :(
Drop by

Hey, don't let a few gazillion miles hold ya back!!!! Seriously, posting here on the global board to let as many people know about the meets. Everyone is invited.

Warped Sol
Team Sol Member #32
i'd love to be able to come out there, ha, but those miles are gonna keep me back! Seriously though, there's just about nothing better than getting together for meets.

I really wish I could go, its only a 3 hour drive from here but the del sol just isn't looking too good lately(gay z3 fenders still baby blue) among other things(huge drop no rims, hurst shifter because momo screws got stripped and lastly headunit just died). So, I really don't feel like going down to see what my car should look like, haha. Otherwise I would love to, so please update when the next meet will be, and feel free to post some good pics!!
cool man, but when is the next one gonna be? I might come out saturday but a buddy of mine (drives a sol of course) cant make it and want to know when the next meet is gonna be.:confused:
Next meet

Next meet will be Sunday, April 7th at Sport Compact Chaos at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis. That's about 30 minutes outside of Dallas (downtown). Believe me, it is well worth the trip. More details next month.
well I might I said might be able to make it.. depends if I leave on sat or sun.. if I leave on sat. I have to leave at 8:00 am to make it at noon.. but I might do that.. depends on if I go out and party on friday.

Hey, due to potential bad weather, we have postponed the meet until next weekend. :( Sorry, but it's gonna be cold and maybe rain/snow tomorrow.

Let's regroup for the following weekend.
postponed meet

Well, If I am correct isnt next weekend import revolution in houston??
I kinda was gonna go to that and IF the sol meet is next sat then I have to see what I wanna do.
If I am wrong please correct me and Ill feel stupid but its koo.:p
who else is planning on goin to houston??
Probably is, but

Probably is, but we have very few people willing to drive four hours for the event. I hear it's a great show
like to go but cant get off work, maybe next time
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