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difference between polarg bulbs

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whats the difference between the Gseries bulbs which are 20 a piece and the regular hyper white bulbs that are 10 a piece?

they both come in hyper why is one more expensive?

cuz i might want to get whiter front turn signals...being that when parking lights are on with the hyper whites, the color is yellowish....only when both filaments are on i.e. blinker is on, is the the light hyper white.

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i dont know but if i remember i think G series are more hyper white than the regular ones. i have the regular Polarg BI hybrid bulbs and they start fading a little to yellow. And when you have your parking lights on they are pretty much yellowish until they start blinking. And i think maybe the G series will always be hyperhite but im not sure. Try getting Cuzo bulbs. They have a very nice color. But my low beams did burn out in 4 months but the cuzo reverse lights i have looks good and are still going strong 6months already.
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