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dimming lights!!!!! help

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I have a system in the car, and i put on a cap but the lights still dim, i am not sure why the lights still dim when those hard bass notes hit or. Some one told me that you can install a bigger alternator and it will take care of the problem, is this a good idea or not?
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check ebay, i think there was 180 amp alternator for sale. If 180 amps cant fix it then you system is just to funking big. how may watts are you running right now anyway.
you prob. installed the cap wrong or it dont work. although my last car i had the same problem. i was running 2 12' and i had a monster cap and it still dimmed. but i'm pretty sure the guy screwed up on it. but i never fixed it, i just sold the car, hehe.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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