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Distributor going????

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well ive been having a problem with my car having an extremely low idle and even stalling when i come to an idle. So i pulled vacuums lines and there seemed to be no problem with those. So i popped the plugs out and 3 of them were covered in oil, so i replaced the plugs, valve cover gasket adn grommets, spark plug wires and distributor cap and rotor(i still havent gotten the damn rotor off any one know a good way please tell me), well after i pulled the distributor cap off i noticed a shit load of metal shavings in the bottom of the cap so i looked at the bottom of the distributor adn there was a shit load more, so has anyone had the same problem??? Was the whole distributor going bad? or what? I havent put it back together yet becuase i cant get the damn rotor off either its feels loose but i dont wanna pull on it to hard so if you have any ideas please tell me thanks
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when my distributor was goin all my electronics were shuttin down slowly and my idle was different made a funny noise
ok the dust in the cap is normal...
it should just be a 10mm bolt to take off the rotor..i dunno havent done mine yet.

also when u changed those plugs..was there on the tip or just the threads..if the tip and stuff was soaked with oil then maybe ur burning oil..have u checked the oil to see if ur burning some?? or it could have been the valve cover gasket which u replaced...but make sure ur not buring oil

i dont think the dist. is goin bad...maybe u just need to turn that flat screw on the t.body to raise the idle..wat is it idling at 500??
well the plugs were only soaked around the threads thats it, and for the dust the shavings are actuaaly metal its not dust at all, i found out where the bolt is and its an allen head so it looks like ill be buying some allen heads today, and im lucky if it idles a 500 its more like around 2-4 hundred and ive adjusted the idle air control motor a ton already
if i remember correctly, the rotor is held on by an allen-head screw. it was a bitch to get off because of the position it was in. i know what you're talking about with it feeling loose, but i don't think it's almost's either on or not. just keep at it, it'll come off after awhile. :rolleyes:
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