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so everyone knows a bodykit with holes made for foglights, but doesnt have foglights in those holes is just freakin gay. so heres a little simple diy to make your car look better for all those bodykit fans. oh that and if i see another kid with a bodykit with empty foglight holes, im gonna flip the fuck out.

-sheetmetal screws
-brackets for foglights
-foglights (duh)
-misc hardware for foglights, etc
-drill (to make pilot holes)
-brain optional

remove front bumper. if you cant do this without instructuon, chances are good you shouldnt be working on cars. just kidding. just in case though, heres some tips.


Find something to use as a foglight bracket. I have connections :ninja so i got these made.

if you have to make your own, no worries. just find and bend a peice of sheetmetal as follows:

Ok, at this point your car should look something like this:

now you have to measure where the foglights need to go. measure how far up, down, and side to side the foglights need to be placed. use drill to make pilot holes in the bumper support, then screw in screws with loctite if you want. Then youll be like this:

measure where the foglights need to be placed. install foglights. i forgot how i wired mine, and im too lazy to go look so ill post it up later.

Step 5:
install bumper. i did this diy to tighten up the little gaps. you should too.

(remove space)

the result (after a long winter with my shitty oem bumper):

Step 6:

Pat yourself onthe back for ajob well done

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thanks guys. im gettint it repainted this winter because i have a few chips in the front end. ill make another thread when all that is done.

and mad ass, if u need anything done like this (making aluminum parts), lmk i can get the stuff for you.

just an idea, but should i go meshless?

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hey guys thanks for the props on the job, im planning on posting up a few more diys in the coming days, just gotta wait for school to be over =[

anyways yeah man, post up some pics of how your work turned out, itd be awesome to knwo my idea helped someone out :p

and just fyi, if you guys need something like this made, lmk, i can hook you guys up on parts like this.
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