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What about the rotors with NO screw?

Hey, I've been looking around and searching everywhere, but no one has mentioned having a dizzy like mine, for the 85 HF carbed engine. Did cap and rotor yesterday, and here's where it gets funky. Rotor just pops off and slips on to a totally round shaft. No little Allen screw, and no seal between the cap and dizzy itself. The old cap seems to be kind of oily inside, maybe a little rusty? I put the new rotor on ABOUT the same spot as the old one. But I just don't know for sure.
Also when I tried to smog the other day, the guy there loosened the nuts on the dizzy to turn, adjusted my timing.. With no light, DURING the smog process, and since then it's been steadily running rougher and rougher. Come to find, when I thought to try putting it back how it was while I replaced cap and rotor, he left one of the two dizzy bolts NOT EVEN FINGER TIGHT. I don't really wanna drive it like this, now there's a ticking that sounds like valve clatter kind of, a screech coming from SOMEWHERE, high pitched like a belt kind of but it's not the one with the alternator on it... Oh yeah, when I tried to move the dizzy back how it was, with the car running, I got zapped somehow.. I've got plugs and wires on the way, figure that could have been from old spark plug wires arcing into me?
I'm trying to think if there's anything else involving the cap and rotor, but I think that's it for now...
Any thoughts? Need more info? I'm hoping the timing belt hasn't skipped a tooth or something... Going to do that anyway soon as I can cause I don't know when(or even IF) the PO last had that done..
So any ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Like should I go rip this smog guy a new one for being so careless?? In my understanding some serious problems can arise if the dizzy isn't totally cherry... Thanks so much for any support, I know this is kind of an old thread, but I at least wanted to point out the slip on/off rotor that no one seems to be confused over...
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