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Do i need aftermarket mounts?

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When I put my jdm b16a2 into my 93 civic hb will i need like hasport mounts or can i use my existing mounts.
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I would buy new mounts.
you need new mounts but no need for hasport mounts.
Direct swap. You can use your stock mounts or upgrade and use factory mounts from a B16a off a del sol. My b18c dropped in my car with factory mounts so im sure you will be fine.
ur stock mounts should work. also, look into getting the polyurethane bushing kit for ur mounts.
if your motor came with the mounts those will work fine, but if it didnt u will need to go buy the mounts from a 95 del sol dohc vtec motor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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