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do i need one yet

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i am talking about a new clutch. i have noticed that the acceleration or grip in gears that i get is decreasing. when i first got my car at 86000 miles i could dump the clutch going into second and chirp my tires and throw stuff out of my center console in the dash, now with 104000 i am noticing that i can not get a chirp ever and it goes into the gear smoothly. as far as a i know it is the original clutch. do i probably need to get a new one? if i do, what kind would you suggest to get, i drive my car every day to school and to work, i dont want one that is for full racing, i would like one that is maybe a little better than the oem. if you could also give me a price range that i would be paying and some name brands and websites to look at and learn about clutches. my other question is also, if i were to get my clutch installed at some shop, how much would it cost and how long would it take. also, how long is the break in period. thanks in advance for any replies.
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Being that your car has 104K+ miles on it your clutch is probably nearing its end, however not being able to chirp a gear is not a positive sign of a clutch problem. Are there any other signs that it may be going out, like slipping of any kind?

I have an ACT clutch with extreme pressure plate and organic street disc (XTSS). I am not sure how much exactly the clutch was but I paid under 1000 bucks for my ACT clutch, Fidanza 8lb flywheel, and install.

The install will take just a few hours in a shop. The recommended break in time is 200-300 miles with mild ingagement.

Check on groupbuy for prices. I bought mine through

ACT's site is
Clutchmasters is

Both are very good companies.
My clutch disc actually had one of the springs break off inside. It was making an awful noise while driving. I am greatful it didn't seize up completely. If you have any doubt, take it in and have it checked out. They may be able to give you a better idea on the situation based on how it acts for them. Many places will check it out for free.
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