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DO I need to get rid of these parts for SC?

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I'm new at this and just wondering if I would need to get rid of my current part if I get a SC.

4-1 DC header
iridium spark plugs
straight pipe
AEM pulleys

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1. recommended. you should get either a Kamikazi 4-1 or a DC Sport 4-2-1.
2. highly recommended... get some copper NGKs that are 1-2 heat ranges colder
3. no
4. maybe... the PS pulley will still work but you might have to put back the stock alternator pulley or whatever pulley comes with the SC kit... it could be a crank pulley, alternator pulley, or a blower pulley, and sometimes belt fitment is a bitch over the aem pulley.
Thanks! This is the thing I hate. Spend so much money on one thing to later get rid of it and spend more money on other things. SUCKS!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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