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do not buy from capital imports of kelly uncvlized1

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ok i found a d16z6 swap on from some guy kelly from louisianna his email was [email protected] i was a little scared just sending the kid money so i paid through the shop he worked for . the shop (capital imports) never sent me the alxes , and sent me the wrong ecu twice. 1 was for a 91 plelude and the other was from an automotic civic ex. now the shop ignores my emails and is refusing to ship me the right ecu for my car and my axles. so beware of capital imports in lousianna
and as far as this guy kelly uncvlized1, he sold me a motor with a bad tranny and a bad clutch. after he swore he installed a centerforce clutch 800 miles ago. and now im getting a code 22 this really sucks
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yeah, go to for swaps
According to (, code 22 : VTEC Oil Pressure Switch - Open or short in VTEC OPS circuit, defective VTEC pressure switch
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