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Do you have a b18b in your car?

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Does anyone have a b18b in their car? If you do I need to ask you some questions about 92-95 swap for tht motor.
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Post them up, I just did one about a month ago, and I'm still cleaning everything up.
What year civic did you put the motor in? Where did you get your motor(company)? what year car did the motor come from?
I swapped in a 95 b18b1 USDM motor that I bought from a private party. It went into a 92 CX. The MAP sensor wasn't working, so i'm using the CX MAP sensor, which surprisingly works fine...of course, I'm in the process of obtaining a b18b MAP sensor to ensure it's reading a signaling the appropriate voltages.
other than the motor, tranny and ecu what did you need? shift linkgages ansd axles but off of what year integra? but like i said other than that what offers the swap for 1399. does that seem cheap? check out the sight. i dont even know if they are reliable
Well my first impression is that they're not really organized, because they don't got their facts straight...They're mixing the info of a b18b with a b16a.

Firstly, the B18B has a displacement of about 1834cc (not 1595)
- 111 lbs of torque is the rating of a b16a (I believe)
- And the redline for B18B's top off at 7200 (not 8000)
- And the compression ratio is more like 9.1 to 1 (not 10.2 to 1)

I know it's JDM and all with more beefier ratings, but these are not accurate.

Off the top of my head: here is quite a detailed list of things you'll need, including the small stuff people overlook (please anyone add to this if I miss anything):

- motor, tranny, ecu (including headers, TB, Distrb., starter, alternator, belts, intake/exhaust manifolds, Map sensors, spark plug wires, spark plugs)
- axles, shiftlinkage (both arms with bushings and shifter); and be sure to grab the correct shifter, or you'll end up using washers like me :p
- motor mounts (from front of car-> left and right integra mounts, tranny mount, and AC mount. You use the integra rear bracket, but you retain the Civic mount itself)

Other small stuff you'll need to get it working:
- Integra radiator hoses
- Integra motor mount bolts (I stripped mine with the cx bolts on the tranny mount)
- NEW Cat (I've seen Type R cat and exhaust being used, but loosely)

Long, but you'll need it, plus more. I thought this was an easy swap, and it IS, but if it's your first time, be prepared for long nights and car-less days to work/school.
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Which motor mounts and axles bro? Damn you are quick. Thanks. I know Jspec had the specs messed up. I wonder how their service is?
Yes, I'm online right for the axles, they're LS axles.

Motor mounts are mentioned above, too, but a little confusing to explain.

Facing the front of the engine bay, you need:

Left integra tranny mounts & bolts (two mounts)
Right integra AC mount and Motor mount (two mounts)
Rear bracket only (you can reuse the civic mount)

Total of 5 mounts.
What mods do you have done to your car? You run it in the quarter mile? Will it beat a 92-95 civicsi? If you could do it all over would you still swap a b18b or would you go to h22 or a gsr or trype r motor?
I've thought long about the questions you ask, and I finally went LS because of two reasons:

- I can't afford GSR
- I just want to go fast easy (LS turbo)

I'd definitely beat a 92-95 Civic Si. I'd probably run with GSR's actually. My CX is so light, with my stock 13's, I'd rip...if my car was tuned. I'm too poor, so I'm still creeping from the money I spent on my swap...which totaled to about $1600 after new cat, exhaust piping, installation charges, new clutchmaster cylinder, and misc stuff. Got the swap for $1350 really. Just remember to save money for surprises... and I'm hoping to time it at North vs. South....but I need a valve adjustment and good tuning.

I'm guessing a stock LS swap into an LS will yield around mid 15's. Only aftermarket stuff is AEM short ram, a no-name muffler, 2.5" crush-bend exhaust piping, and some strut braces.
Sweet. Well i read a ad in summit and they added all new fula stuff and cams and it only gained 12 hp and all of the parts cost like 1725. so i wonder if you have to do all that stuff or can you just put on a turbo?
yeah a lot of people have had success turboing the LS, its a really popular thing to do now, acutally if you get a chance check out this months Super Street, there is a blue civic hatch in there that has LS/turbo, it'll be fast, but I think w/ cams and things you'll get a lot more then 12 horses at the wheels even w/ the LS that sounds kinda rediculous
there setup was a aem fuel rail, fuel [email protected], accel thunder igniton, accel 255 injectors, crower cams, crower retainers and titanium valves , aem intake. 142hp to the wheels. When they started it had 127hp to the wheels. Shit doesnt add as much horsepower as we think.
LS in that year hatch is useless because it pretty much hits 16's (mid to high 15's) with normal bolt ons...........GSR is a better motor for that year hatch because the P/W ratio for that motor is better.............and BTW japan never had an LS...........
They didn't have LS model, but they did have B18B motors.
no they didnt........if they did tell me what car it came out of?
show me pictures...........because i know for a fact they didnt not have that motor..........
then how come on hondamotorsonline they have two different versions for sale. The USDM with 142 hp & JDM with 145. The JDM has higher compression. Take a look at their site.
i seriously doubt that engine is JDM due to the fact that do you ever see parts for the "Integra ES" in your option magazines or anything that has JDM models listed? no............and 2200 is kinda high......
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