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Do you know how to REG Edit?

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I put together a new computer about 3 months ago, brand new, all clean everything. no programs. after a while of puttin all the software back onto it, its clogging up my memory. i work at best buy, and spoke to a PC Tech guy about it. he said bring it in and he'll do a regedit on it (for a charge, ofcourse). F that. I remember how to do regedits! well i dont. ive enevr used XP for anyhting, and its all new to me. anyone can guide me through, or get me some instructoins on how to do reg.edit on xp, so i dont have 5,000 programs start up when i load windows. tanks guys!
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you have xp? use the services thingy in your administration folder and disable the unwanted stuff. make sure you don't disable the wrong things though. or you can try msconfig, still works in xp i think....does it?
If you use the DOS command prompt, type in regedit. Then go to edit/find and type in what you looking for like: acrobat 5.0. It will then search your entire registry and find the first instance of it. Delete it if thats what you want to do. Then do find next and it will look for the next instance of it. Keep doing that till it doesn't find any more instances of it.
right, i know how to regedit, but the thing is that i dont know wat to delete and wat not to delete. if i delete the wrong file, i can compltly crash my OS. its a lil bit scarey!
Well if your trying to uninstall software use the Add/Remove programs in your Control panel. That should remove the registry. If you have already done that and you need to remove other things associated with the program you removed use regedit. Delete it from the registry. Don't delete anything asscociated with anything you have not removed. You can always restore the registry to the last time your computer started OK. If you have more info on what you want to get rid of I can help you more.

Yes MSCONFIG still works in Xp. Once you have removed items from your startup and after you uninstall any unwanted programs, then I would recommend using a registry cleaner. What it will do is find any old, useless entries in your registry. After it scans your system , it allows you to select what you want removed. Even if the wrong thing is deleted XP keeps a backup of your reg.
For a reg cleaner.......Go to and look in the Utilities section.

Good Luck !
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