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Do you know SH1T about accord front end?!

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My car vibrates at highway speed, and when I brake at ANY speed. The rotors are OEM, less than half a year old. I just had an alignment. There is significant tremor in the steering wheel on the highway and when braking/turning. Anyone know what might be my problem? Are my rotors messed up already, or is there something in my front end that can cause all of this?
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this sucks. Doesn't anybody have any idea what my problem might be?
could be..

How about getting your tires balanced? That could be one thing. Also check your tires. If your tires are worn out that would greatly affect your ride. Get new tires and see the difference! Good luck.
Tires are almost new and have been recently balanced and rotated. :(
Hoe-dar said:
Tires are almost new and have been recently balanced and rotated. :(
They could have been balanced incorrectly. When I got my new wheels and tires I had to go back that same week to get them rebalanced because of vibration at highway speeds.
your new tires might be out of round....i had a set of new tires and 3 of them went out of round in a month and had to be replaced ...luckily for me at no extra car would shake at speeds around 20~45 the whole car would just jump and wobble.....
also i would recommend taking it to the dealer and getting mechanic to ride with you...they should be able to help you
good luck
your rotors are warped. they warp pretty easily. i have already had to get my rotors turned once and my car isnt that old.:( :mad:
Do you like to ride your brakes?? even though they are somewhat new, you can warp them if you are on them all the time. Have them checked, ususally done for free at les schwab.
I think it is probably your rotors being warped, but like other people said, your tires could be out of alignment. otherwise you could check if you have a problem with your calipers, or if you still dont find a problem, try checking your ball joints.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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