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does anybody have the koni threaded suspension kit?

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i'm looking for a true coilover kit and am curious if anyone uses the Koni threaded suspension kit. it looks to be good for a car that is used primarily as a daily driver.

any evaluations?

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I going to purchase them, and I heard great stuff about them.
i do, handling is much better, just remember your ride quality will suffer a little, seriously consider the types of road you will drive on daily and let that be the deciding factor between coil overs and or just shocks and springs
i am trying to decide between these and the h&r coilovers. it is mostly for daily driving, but will do some autocrosses this spring. i live in chicago and the roads that i usually drive on aren't too bad, but if the suspension is extremely stiff, i could imagine they would become slightly uncomfortable.

the spring rates on the koni look at little softer, and they are progressive rate. i wonder if they would be a better setup for my use.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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