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Does anybody kill GSRs on a regular basis?

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Just wondering if smoking a GSR is hard. a homie of mine got one for his birthday. HE swears its so FAST. Its only got I/e. I was just wondering if fixed up rexs can hang with a gsr. If you can please post your setup.
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i raced a gs last night beat it by a car length he was upset he got beat by my little hatch. with my d15 hehe his girl was in the passengers seat to. as soon as i do teh swap gsrs will be no problem
My rex will blow the doors off a GSR... at least the ones around where I live. I have a ZC swap with only I/E and they are no problem. Except for this one guy with N/A build up but thats another story.:D
gsr is not a prob..hell R is not a big deal...but this is about crx's , my buddy has a 86 SI with NO INTAKE/NO EXHAUST and we gutted the hell out of it and he can barely hang with em up till about 70....were working on a h23/h22 swap with a t66 turbo..that might beat some gsr's:cool:
gs-r problem unless they are shootin NOS or are forced induction
i eat unsuspecting gsr's for a light if i could only beat a fucking V8 Stang.......grrr
My neighbor has a GSR and we ran against each other at the track when I had a zc in my 4dr. It was pretty close but I edged him out barely. Now I have a b16 under the hood and it should do much better agaisnt GSRs.:)
i regularly do and i hang with modified GSRs
Fuck I don't get it. I've got a 90 si with a zc swap. I raced my friends stock GSR and he just walked by me at the top of second gear. WTF....Is there somthing wrong with my zc??
Ive got a GS-R and a ZC REX. Now I base this off of my friends 98 Mustang GT. In the REX I hang with him till mid 3rd. In the GS-R I'm in front all of the time. My GS-R only has a modified stock intake and exhuast. The ZC REX has all of the fixins. Just my story.
I walk all over GSRs now.....
Q for the b16 owners in there rex's and or 4th gens. What are your 1/4 mile times, or waht do u think, what are your mods. what do u think a b16 in a 4th gen std hatch, with the zydene remapped ecu, intake, exhuast, mostly gutted interior would run?????, I have one that is going in at the end of march and i dont knwo what to expect, oh ya act clutch and some other little stuff
my brother has a bi6a crx si and beat the crap out of a gsr and it was lowered was a manual and had brothers crx only had a cheap intake and dc headers at the time.The gsr was amazed by this :sleep: er crx.
i beat the shit outta GSR's........
I got half a GSR.....race me

I got a GSR engine...... with charger. I eat GSR like finger foods. licking my lips and fingers like KFC.
yeah i beat a gsr with exhaust and 17s. dont know if he had anything else, but im pretty sure that was it.

i also beat my friends corvette, but i had to use nos for that one.
im sure hed just beat me in the upper gears though

d16a6,i/h/e,fpr,timing,slightly stripped. 14"ers. other things too but not go fast. . .

cant wait for the b16 swap though it will be just simply so much fun.

the 17s made the gsr loose to u if he had stock wheels he would have beaten u and teh vette???:confused: ur running 13s with n2o? i dont think so
even with 17's on my car still felt hella fast
yeah well the vette was an automatic.
and its not like i only beat him once because of a bad launch. i beat him many occasions. im know im not in the 13s though, maybe low/mid 14s though with nos. 15s without of course. my car isnt that fast.
yeah the gsr i beat like 2 or 3 times. my most impressive win was a 92-95 hatch, with i/h/e/ cam gears 14" blackies slammed, gutted interior. beat him by like 2-3 car lengths, probably about more like 1-2 but it sure felt like a huge distance. without nos.
i thought that was cool because its a d16z6 so it has vtec too. that is the win that im most impressed with because he had stuff done to it, so it is a fast car.

ps im not making this up.
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