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does anybody know what a w7 can hit?

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what is the loudest a w7 can hit and what else is a good sub for spl with out going over the $600 range???
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it all depends on the evironment its in,the box,the amp ,the length of the rca's and power wires the headunit, the signal.....
JL has a special box for the W7 which is supposed to give you all the power you can feel from the W7. best off spending your money on a larger JL amp too ... they work best w/ JL subs and the amps are thermal so you can have them on all the time and not worry about them overheating.
stevenle said:
what else is a good sub for spl with out going over the $600 range???
Digital Designs 9515D, Cerwin Vega Stroker 18's, IDMAX 12's D4...the list goes on...what kind of dB are you looking for?
some of the the workers that work at a lil shop said it was comparable to 2 W3's... thats what i heard...
yea.. all you need is one w7, which is also good ... less weight. two w7`s would blow out your windows if you were not careful. just get a good amp to power the w7 if you decided to buy one.
im looking for all out db something that will blow my trunk apart for $600. u guys dont think i can power a w7 with my jbl??
The w7's are sooo pricey. Does anybody know if its even worth the 600 bucks? Try strokers they pump out a shitload of spl.
Here's a rough calculation of dbm if you know the sensitivity and power handling of the speaker.

The sensitivity is usually in the 80's to 100+dbm range, this is how "loud" a speaker is at 1 watt at 1 meter. We'll use 90dbm as an example, and 500 watts is the power handling:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (notice you add 3db for every 2X in power, db is logarithmic)
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

The example gives us a rough estimate of 116db for one woofer at it's peak power handling. Things change in a car when you have many surfaces intaracting and the "cabin loading" effect.
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j0e said:
yea.. all you need is one w7, which is also good ... less weight.
Have you seen these monsters... I don't know about less weight... Do we know what they weigh in at??
i can get the sub for i think 550
I've heard them a few times, and every time I hear them I get a chubby. Not quite sure if they're worth it. I spent $400 a piece on my L7's when they first came out, and comparably speaking if Kicker L7's are worth $400 then the JL W7 is worth much more than $600, but I don't feel my kickers were worth $400, so it's hard to say.

A JL 12W7 weighs 40lbs according to the JL specs

here's the brochure
well, I have 2 12w7's, and I'm a dealer/ installer, so I can answer some questions.

1. The w7 is not an SPL woofer. It was designed for SQ.
2. 1 12w7 has been metered at 140db on a JL 500/1. Of couse the box plays a major role in the output.
3. If you are just looking for loud, look at an IDMax 12" for $400.
what makes a w7 so special? IDMax 12 thats better in sound then the w7?
Sinister_IS said:
what makes a w7 so special? IDMax 12 thats better in sound then the w7?
if you listen to a w7 in a car built for sound quality, it is amazing in how precise and accurate it sounds. They can get very loud, but stay crystal clear.

The IDMAX is the closest thing to a w7 on the market presently. It plays very clean, but not to the same degree as the w7. The maxes are extremely loud in big enclosures and can hit the DB's. I have a customer with a 98 civic HB with 1 12" IDMAX in a 5 cubic ft box with 1000 watts on it hitting low 150's right now.
5 cubes for a 12??? what the hell is that thing tuned for low 30s? eyiiikes :) definately sounds like a ground pounder though.
Another good SPL speaker is the Planet Audio Big Bang 15". You can get them for $200 for the 15" @ For that 600 bucks I would get that big bang and a Planet Audio big bang amp from them which is like $400 if I remember right. The retail on that sub is like 700 and is one of the best spl speakers on the market and for 2 bills you can't go wrong. My friend has a 15" Big Bang in a 4.5 box running off a Planet Audio Vector D (3 caps 2 batteries) and is hitting mid 140's. Hope I helped out the conversation a little. Another good sub is the Audiobahn Alum12x etc for sale for like 130 @
But the IDMAX isn't an SPL woofer. It can be, but it's also an sq woofer when you seal it in a 1.5 cuft (gross) box.
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