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Does anyone know the color of this car is?

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this car is bad , If you know the real color name let me know.
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Gun metal.
I know its gun metal do you know of a color code for it??
I have no idea, I doubt there is an actual color code, that may be a mixture that the painter came up with for all we know.
It looks like the lexus dark grey, sorry I don't know the actual color or code. My friend has a similar colored crx, he said it almost matches his gunmetal slipstreams. So try looking around the lexus lot for that color.
I bet you can go to a body shop and ask them to match the color of a gunmetal rim and they can make the paint to match for you. Just an idea......

i am about to paint my car a similar color but just a little lighter. i have a friend who has that color, looks just like that but its a integra with a type r conversion. its hella clean. yeah i gonna do my car this summer maybe sooner. i m going to have to find the code though.
Just go to a auto body paint shop they will be able to color match anything u want.
dont always trust the body shop. i had a friend who said he wanted a s2000 silver for his civic coupe and that shit came out silver, just plain silver. so he got hella screwed.
Thats true

Thats true , you can't always trust a body shop man , fuck that they screwed me over I thought they knew how to paint but they didnt , but now i have to do other paint job thats why i was thinking for a black or a smoked out grey. If anyone knows how much would it be to paint a car again let me know i have a, a hatchback 5gen. o yea with integra front end. But i have to sand everytrhing again my door handles moldings everything, and also my roof is shaved where the two lines are. But now its cracking so i think i should have done it does anyone know of someone witht he same problem i was thinkign about taking out the bondo out and putting back how it was or shaving to where it wont crack again. Please respond
Its From A Viper!!!!

That paint colour looks similar to the Viper Gun Metal. I am from canada and I was at my ocal Dodge dealership about a year ago and they had a Viper in there with factory paint and its a gun metal colour, so go and check out a dealership. It was a 2001 Dodge Viper GT-S Coupe, aight. I aint bullshittin you either

Aight man thanks alot , I want to make a vote If i should paint my car that color , Likei said I have a 5gen hatch with a 97 Integra front end. Just say yes or no if i should paint it if you dislike it or like let me know:D
AcBack_H N I C said:
this car is bad , If you know the real color name let me know.
Bro- check your file name you posted, gunmetal is a real color- the answers right in front of you :D and YES paint your car that color it is freakin dope- peace
YES paint your car that color....damn...i still can't stop staring at it.
Dam Straight!!!

Man, if you dont paint your car that colour, you'd be a fool. I think that its one of the most amazing colours in the world. Its different, its not flashy but still keeps it Sleeper look. I want to paint my SiR that colour, I shit ya not!!!
super nice hatch!
What about Silver Stone Metalic? Whatever it is, its I sweeeeeeeet ass color on that HB!:D

I didnt know I was going to get such a big response but I hope I do paint my car that color. Cause its crazy but I have to handle some legal actions with my past paint job which the body shoped dicked me dirty. So if I get my money back that caolor is going on my car with the type r suspension.And the SI front end, it'll hella sick
Good luck man. When you get it done, please post pictures. Your car is going to look tight! :D
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