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I'm looking for a good, quiet, muffler that will have 2.5" inlet/outlet, and be less restrictive than the stock one.
I want something stock looking, and not a coffee can, please.

I'm going to bend the pipes myself, (I've got a pipe bender at my college that I can use whenever), and move up one pipe size. I haven't measured yet, but I believe they're 2 inches in diameter, but correct me if I'm wrong. It's going to be catback by the way.

It's for a 97 Accord Special Edition, which my mom now owns, so I don't want anything loud. A little extra noise is okay, since that may come with the increased pipe size, but not too much. I suppose that if there aren't any quiet mufflers available, I could always get a resonator and maybe it'll calm it down a bit.
Mostly we're just looking for some performance/mileage gains.

I did the exhaust on my other car, with Dynomax Super Turbo's and it's not annoying, they sound beautiful in fact., however, it's a 5.0, and not an Accord, so the world might be different on this side!

Also, if you know of one that is the dual out, (like on the EX's I believe?) that'd be cool too, I like the way those look, just not a coffee can please!

If you help me out, I'll take pictures of the process in case anybody else is interested in repeating!

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I have Vibrants black/stealth and I love it
shouldn't be too loud as long as you have a cat, resonator etc,
only thing is that I think it will be louder to you with the 2 and half inch piping
you might want to stay with 2 and a quarter

edit my bad
just saw that you using 2 inch which should be fine
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