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dollars what to do with 850$$

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4th gen std hatch with full suspention work looking for speed i have 850 dollars and was thinking of building a d16 any advice on what to get with the money (*i know this is lame i just cant make up my mind)
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well either way ur looking at some sort of d-series motor
easiest way out is a zc...and best bang for the buck in ur case!

other choices:
i was thinking more of

i was thinking more of a build on one of those motor or the one i have currently such as d15 block y8 head a1pistons and so on but thanks anyways
save up for a b-motor....youll be more satisfied in the end

im getting the 1.5l from japan just because i want to be doifferent and have a fast 1.5 :D

JDM d15b sohc vtec 130hp

ls or built d series i want a not vtec d series n/a powerplant because i think it would be fun
any ideas on what to do in a d 15/16 build a1 pistons y8 head anything would be apreciated
going all motor?

shave the head, P&P, Ti valve springs and retainers, good 4:12 street cam... the usual high-rev mods all that right there is gonna cost ya about 1200.... of course it helps to have either a sponsor or if you can do those things yourself.
I've seen D16's hit 13's in civic sedan. That was with nitrous though. Imagine that same set up in your light civic hatch.If you want to go that way, I'd say try to find a cheap vtec head D16z6 or a D16y8 and do a mini-me hybrid. You probably could find them on ebay. Then spend the rest on a good nitrous kit (I like the NX wet kit).
i know a guy with a 93 dx sedan that pieced together his own turbo kit that was fairly cheap, he boosted 9 psi and could take 2000 sirs, and since they have like 160 he estimated het had about 170 casue they were close races
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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