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door speakers

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does anyone know where i can find instructions on how to take the door panels off to replace the speakers?:confused:
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Whether you have a coupe or sedan, I don't think the door panels are that difficult to remove. I've had my door panels off before, and it's not that hard. If you purchase your speakers from Crutchfield, they will send you detailed instructions on how to take your door panels off.

Remove plug. It simply pulls out. Remove screw from door handle. Slide assembly forward, it will then pull out. remove doorlock power cable and then rod to door latch.

Remove screw from inside door pull opening

Factory front speaker. Remove screws.

Side by side picture of factory speaker and Pioneer 1648 coaxial 6.5 speakers.

Picture of 1648 mounted using FACTORY SCREWS

Plug in speaker fits front also.

To replace the door panel, it may be easier to remove the corner trim piece. The arrows show where it is clipped in. Simply pulls out.

This is the closeup of the doorlatch handle rod. Remember to put the LOCK plastic piece back on so it does not come out accidentially

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thanks Viper! i was gonna ask the same question because i'm installing new speakers this weekend.
Just a quick note. If this is for a 6th gen, the existing stock mounting bracket needs to be modified, or removed to fit aftermarket speakers. This can be done with a rotozip or a sharp tool of some sort.
oh if u have not done it yet, take off the little piece on the door behind the left mirror. it makes it alot easier to put back on. no screws or anything simply give it a good tug towards the inside door panel.
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