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DRAG Gen3 or RevHard?

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Hey, just wondering your opinions between the two turbo kits. I have heard really good things about the DRAG Gen3, but my mechanic said he loves the RevHard kits cause they have a good manifold. I am planning to go turbo in a few months and was just wondering what you guys and girls like between those two kits.
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i have a RevHard and about three of my friends do too, and we all love them. I heard the Drag has problems, but i have no personal experience with that kit.
What kind of problems does the DRAG have? I haven't really looked much into the pros and cons of each system yet, I am just going by the things i hear from people. Does anyone know the website for DRAG or RevHard?

And i have heard drag has problems with the manifold, but like i said i've never worked with that kit.
IMO its a toss up between the two kits. The only problem I have had with my Drag manifold has been boost spike. Drag designed the manifold with the wastegate mounted on a exhaust runner, instead of at the collector.
Oh not this debate again.

Look into F-MAX as well.

Both RevHard and F-MAX kits work well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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