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Drag III kit

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Hey guys i bought a Drag III kit and wanted to know if u guys would shed some light on a couple of things. Basically what i am wanting to know is what psi i should start out on and what kind of hp. and trq. figures i can expect. Also when i list my set up if u guys would let me know what i need to add to it i would appreciate.

93' hatch Ls- Turbo
Drag III kit
Tial wastegate
Missing Link
Cam gears
Fuel gauge and regulator
Fuel rail
2.5 exhaust

And that is about it, i dont have any gauges yet or ignition. Would this be then next step. Let me know and also what would be the needed as far as what gauge and ignition.

Thanks again, D
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gauges- boost and air/fuel gauge would be pretty standard, but you probably also would want a EGT, exhaust gas temperature gauge to save your motor if things start getting too hot
yeah.. air/fuel and boost are a must. if i were you i'd run 6-7 psi for a while to be safe until you can get some tuning done
If i were you, just to be safe, I wouldnt boost until you get a boost gauge, if you were to connect say a vac line wrong, you could blow your motor in a second. but 6 or 7 psi should be fine with the fuel system the drag kit comes with, anything more you would want to tune on a dyno most def and look into a better fuel system.
boost gauge and ETG gauge ... a/f gauge is just for looks doesnt work that well, it works but its not the best for tunning.. the ETG tells more if your running rich or lean if you know how to read it... and eventually get some Apex electronics..
these guys hit the nail on the head
boost and A/F are standard. if oyu odnt have a boost guage, do not even THINK of boosting, just like they said, if you hook up a Vac line, or "T" into the wrong line, say goodbye to your precious little engine, and dont rely on your wastegate spring to save you. from there i think you should go EGT, thats pretty standard, then move on to fuel pressure, oil pressure.

Ignition is not a pressing issue, but something that needs to be addressed as you progress down the turbo road.

for safety sake, i wouldnt let your engine see more then 7psi untuned on stock internals with no fuel delivery.

Thanks guys, this is really helping out. Could some of u let me know a little more about reading the EGT gauge?I havent a clue on how to read, dont it just read exhaust temp. How can u tell rich or lean conditions by that?And also could someone tell me a little more about the Msd Btm ignition?I mean if i get that ignition do i need a boost controller or is that the same and the timing boost control that comes with it?What would be future mods to boost over 7psi besides dyno time.

Thanks again, D
mmmm basically if the egt reads hotter means your running lean, if it not too hot your running rich :p jus my lil info.
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