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Driver side volume switch work if .......

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I got an Alpine deck that was suppose to be installed on my Civic SI, but I decided to install it on the S2K. Would the volume switch work if I did the swap? Anyone tried this before? Sounds like I have to take this to a pro rather than myself installing it.
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heh heh, i walked into a professional stereo dealer today and they said so far they can't figure out how to wire that sucker. they claim that there is no hardware as of yet. well there must be don't ya think?
There is a way. If you go to and check out a guy with the username Lucid. He can get these PAC switches that can make it possible to control all the funtions of your aftermarket deck from the controls on the dash. I do believe that it's $30. Good luck.
Yeah! Same guy. Oh by the way. I guess your deck has to have a infared remote so that you can program the PAC switch. Just check out his web site and it goes into detail what is required.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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