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you'll be fine..As long as DMV/DOt recieved your payment and they inputted it int he system.>If you get stopped give them the D/L you have and explain that you are waiting ont he new one in the mail..the officer will look your info up in the system and it will show a current D/L..
If you paid electronically there should have been an online receipt for you to print as some proof towards payment.

Otherwise if you just printed the form and mailed it in, I would have hoped you took a photocopy of the form and your check. If you can go online w/ your bank and get a copy of the cashed check and print that info. out, I think you'd be way A-OK.

IMHO, even if the po-po peeps have computers, it's nice to show some effort on your end to prove your intentions in complying with the law. Assuming your a male, then crying and showing some extra skin ain't gonna do you a lot of good in this situation.:p
and this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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