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My name is Jack Wolfman. I have a blog ( where I go around looking for people in need of some assistance with their automotive troubles. We recently did a piece on a woman named Beth and her '99 CRV drive shaft replacement. You can read all the details (with pictures!) on the website but below are step by step instructions on how to replace the drive shaft.

1.) Jack front and rear of vehicle off ground (this allows for the most clearance)
2.) Remove 2 retaining bolts for center bearing retainer on split drive shaft (14mm)
3.) Remove all accessible 10mm bolts on front and rear drive shaft yoke flange (get 2 or 3 of the 4; we have a trick to get the remaining ones in a later step)
4.) Now that all accessible yoke bolts are removed jump in the car and put the gear selector into the neutral position
5.) Crawl back under the car and rotate the drive shaft by hand until the remaining yoke flange bolts are accessible
6.) Jump back in the car and put the gear selector in park
7.) Remove the remaining yoke flange bolts from the REAR flange first (if you do the rear first you won’t have to fight a rotating drive shaft while trying to loosen bolts)
8.) Remove the remaining yoke flange bolts from the FRONT flange
9.) Drive shaft will now come loose and will be resting on your drive shaft hoops
10.) While supporting the drive shaft, remove both safety hoops (each hoop has two 12mm bolts)
11.) Remove old drive shaft and rebuild or compare with replacement
12.) The Dorman 936-003 drive shaft came with zip ties holding packaging together, make sure to remove these zip ties before installing
13.) Use exactly the opposite order of operations to reassemble; you can even use the neutral trick to make tightening the new shaft bolts easier!

Beth has a couple remaining issues with her CRV. We will be covering these in later installments of RoamAndWrench. Hope someone gets some use out of these instructions.

Keep wrenching!
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