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i got a 96 accord with 17" rims and about a 3" drop. my wheel are basically in the fenders. it looks sweet and i have no trouble turning. but i was wandering what i can do in my fenders to free up a little space.
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you could roll or shave your fenders, too.
nic411 said:
no i dont have coilovers. i got H&R racing springs. they say they will drop your car 2" in front and 2.25" in the rear, but its way lower in the back. i cant even correct my rear camber because the if i do the tires will hit the fenders.
well, if youve got a 3" drop im guessing youve got a pretty bad camber problem. i would call up h&r and complain to them that you didnt get the advertised drop, otherwise, w/ that much of a drop you are going to be going through tires every few months.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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