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Drum to disc upgrade

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Anyone kno where I can get the parts need for a Drum to disc upgrade for the REX or a kit somewhere?
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my part car is a 91 si so can I swap the brakes between the two the upgrade??

anybody have this swap instead of integ?
Of course you can swap CRX to CRX:confused: The teg is more common because as long as you're going through the work, you might as well go bigger! And availability of teg's is a lot higher than Si's.

so do most do for teg to increae size over aftermarket 'BigBrakes' because of $$$

just making sure Im not mssing anything here
No, no, the teg is an inch bigger, but a whole lot easier to find.
im pretty sure the teg rear discs are the same size as teh crx rear discs but could be wrong i have the 93 teg rear discs on my hatch
thanks ... you saved me a headache and some money :D
unless you are going to go with a big reaks no use in swaping out to stock rear disks, go withthe big breaks www.
hcarcrx said:
unless you are going to go with a big reaks no use in swaping out to stock rear disks, go withthe big breaks www.
u realize that teh 88-89 did not come with rear disc breaks dont you
just go with the rexes discs unless you find the tegs for cheaper, quicker. keep in mind though, the rear drums locks up super easy on these cars as it is, the teg's bigger rotors may look blingbling, but will lock up all the time, go with the smaller rexes and you will get the correct length e-brake cables in the deal too. get yourself a good bushing set while those suspension pieces are apart too.
theres no use to upgrade unless you are running really fast times or have a really powerful car. the drumb breaks are lighter than the disk breaks. So you will save weight. If you want to stop quicker, you should upgrade the front! not rear.
You'll need the rear lower control arms, discs. e-brake cable and brake lines for the rear CRX Si rear discs......

As for front brakes, you can swap Integra rotors on with civic EX steering knuckles.....

But the rear CRX discs work as well as the teg ones anyways.....
Gee, I could have sworn that my 87 Integra front discs and my 89 CRX front discs were the same diameter. Actually, I just looked up the part numbers for the the rotors I replaced on both cars with Powerstop Cross Drilled rotors - both of them used #PWR-JBR-304L & 304R. This makes them the same size. I believe 90 and up Teg's might have larger rotors, but the 86-89 are just like the Rex's. Rear disc I am not sure of as my rex has drums in the rear.....


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Here is apic of my rear suspension setup...:vpleased:
what about the wing? :)
Yes, you're 89 and down teg is the same size as the CRX, we're all referring to the 90-93 integra.
Question to those of you with the rear disc conversion. Does the conversion effect your cornering or handling in any way?? I heard that the conversion really messes with your cornering/braking.....just want some feedback. I may just stick with my drums and change out the hardware, and upgrade my front brakes to CRX SiR brakes and use steel lines all the way around.

there is no way it would affect the handling. you are swapping trailing arms, but the part is identicle to the arms that are on the rex right now, minus the splines for the disc vs. drum. the only difference would be a weight gain with the disc's. but not that much gain to affect handling.
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