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Dual Exhaust on a 4th Gen?

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Hey guys, I need some honest thoughts on this one. There is an outfit here in Japan that makes a dual exhaust set up for the 4th Gen. It's your standard cat back deal and the pipes split shortly after the cat, then run parallel to eachother until just before the axel where they split and go the corners. The second pipe is basically a mirror of the standard one. The tips are about 11.5cm wide, normal size.
I know it adds weight, but does it open up the exhaust that much? With a rear body kit that has two exhaust cut-outs I think it would look pretty slick, and would sound mean.

Any thoughts on how this would help/hinder performance? (4g VTEC, S.2 Cams, header, intake, and the usual N/A mods, not gonna boost)
Any thoughts on how this would look? (try to refrain from sayin rice ok? haha)

thanks guys!
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I have always gone with one 2 1/4 and it has never done me wrong. I will never go higer than 2 1/4 until extreme turbo times
thanks for the advice!
anyone else wanna chime in?
Stick with single 2.25 inch. Not enough back pressure is bad...
Sodikai said:
thanks for the advice!
anyone else wanna chime in?
Stick with one 2.25" pipe. Cars that are designed with dual exhaust need dual exhaust, but cars that have a single exhaust are designed to have single exhaust. If you put on a dual exhaust, it will cause backpressure. Sure dual exhaust looks nice, but its really for show cars and not GO cars unless it already had a dual exhaust like the new 350z.:D
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