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dual exhuast

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i know its not the most efficient and really jus for show but i wanna get dual exhuast on my 5th gen lude and i was wonderin if any1 has a dual setup, how is it done and wat size piping should i get? thanks
btw im sellin my type r wing for $150
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They put a Y pipe inorder for it to be done. I'd probably go with 2.25 piping if you do it. To me, dual exhaust is just a waste of time for a 4 cyclinder..
i had mine done all stainless, no y pipe, no resonator. it sounds maybe a lil raspy when its cold especially, but other than that its tight.
im forced to change mine to a single now because i switched to vtec and my piping is too small but i get comment after comment about the way mine sounds.. ill post a wav sometime..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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