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e-brake handle problem, HELP!

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I am having a huge problem with changing out my factory e-brake handle. I took off the factory one, but the one I bought won't fit. It is a universal handle. The facotry e-brake has this little piece of metal that runs along the bottom and makes the e-brake to big. The facotry handle had a slot for this piece of metal. What should I do.

The only thing I can think to do is to cut the excess metal off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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Can anyone help me with this?
Best thing to do man is return it and get a specific e brake handle meant for your car and will install with minimal drama.
i'd just return it and get one designed for your car, if you try and cut it up there's just more of a chance you screw something up and you are even more unhappy. just return it and get something off or like if you want an aftermarket e-brake handle.
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