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E-brake is looose

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I accidently pulled up my ebrake a while ago while driving 30-40 mph, and ever since then it just seems to be getting looser and looser. Are their any parts that go bad with these, or can i just get it tightened? If i can just get it tightened is it something i can do myself if so how?
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yea thats definantly what i meant, anybody know how?
i've heard there are two places to tighten it, one under the console and the other somewhere by the rear tires. Could anybody give me more details about where they are, and how much to tighten?
i tightened it, i looked at a haynes manual it said all i had to do was jack the car up and turn the one bolt at the end of the ebrake handle. In 2 clicks my car is pretty secure, can't pull it anymore than 4 or 5.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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