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hey, i took off the center consol today to install my shift boot and e-brake boot, it went well and it looks nice but i cant get the e-brake knob off....i noticed its kinda glues down a little bit and isnt just the knob its a entire thing but not sure if it comes apart...does the knob or 1 piece come all the way off? i want to install my new e-brake knob but cant get the stock 1 off....if ne thing i will take it to dealer on monday and see if they can take it off.....

ill get pics of my car very soon...
next monday im getting a custom sound system, 2 front speakers, rear speakers and a custom box for behind my seats with 2 10's.....gonna cost around a grand
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ne body ever do this before?
spray some wd-40 or some type of lubricant inside the boot which will free it from the handle then twist and pull. when you put the boot back on make sure you clean the inside of it and the handle with rubbing alcohol or some type of cleaner so it is tight again and doesnt come lose. got that idea from when i was younger changing the handle bar grips on my bicycle:D
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