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has anyone replaced theirs????and did you pay 200$$$$ for it????? and also does the TPS really come out????i can't seem to get the one on the old TB to thread out all the way........
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I replaced my evac cause the idle was jumping up and down I had a used one you can get one from a junkyard. If you want a new one let me know I work at a honda dealer ship and I get it at cost. Are you haveing trouble getting the TB out or the throttle posstioning sensor out? The TB is four bolts unhook the Throttle cable and vaccumelines. Don't for get the coolant lines on the bottom. The TPS you have to cut slits in the rivits so you can screw them out with a screw driver.
the TPS is what i am having a problem with....i am not sure if i found it or not. However i did replace the eacv today i happened to have one from the old si motor......and the TB i swapped the si back out to the zc.....guess i'll try and drive it tomorrow and see if i am still having the idle prob....but i might need the hookup on cost if the prob persists.......thanks for the offer......i'll let you know tomorrow night hopefully........

do you still have the 89 teg ecu.....
I am running a 89 teg ecu. Is that what you mean. Oh if your haveing an idle problem also check you radiator resivor tank. Make sure it is full to the max line. I know this sounds weird but I can cause a idle flux. I found this out from working at the dealership. Good luck
really........the coolant resovoir(sp)..........guess from all the fluid that came out when i fucked up the coolant line on the eacv swap i should refill the tank then, huh?????
yup the coolant level plays a bigger part then you might think
i should be fine with just filling up out of the coolant bottle right, i mean is there really a need to mix half and half with water for the resovoir?????
To replace TPS, I used a Dremel to make a slit across the rivet (the shape of a flat head!) and unscrewed it. Place the new one in the same matter it was taken off. I only paid $40 for the TPS and the throttle body.:)
u should also bleed ur coolant system that also plays a role in the idle beein messed up.
how do you go about bleeding the coolant lines??????????
take off the rad cap and start the car let it warm up so teh thermoastat opens and u should see air bubbles coming up in the radiator. or u can use the actual coolant bleeder thing i forget its real name on the fitting that is on the head
that easy, huh??? thanks brother !
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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