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eagle stroker kit?

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has anyone heard about this kit from ealge, good and bad are welcome. if you havent heard about it what do you think of the company eagle itself?
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Eagle makes good products, I'm using their rods on both of my motors. There stroker kits should be top notch. But I wouldn't worry to much on their quality, I would worry about the r/s ratio the stroker kit would yield.
yeah eagle

yeah its suppose to change the 1.6 to a 2.1:eek: , they say that it can rev to 9grand safely and if it blows up because of the kit itself then its under a warante(spelling). and it only cost 1800 crank,rods,pistons and everything you need to put in.
I don't doubt that it will be able to rev to 9K, my concern would be reliablity. I'm sure you don't want to keep pulling your motor every 5 months to rebuild it.
does that kit requier you to sleeve the block to 84mm? i dont think they can increase the displacement to 2.1 by stroke alone.
Yes you would have to bore out the block.
Actually, Eagle kits are sub-par. They are forged in China. They take ALOT of work and metal removal and Mallory to balance correctly...Make sure you have a good machine shop..
I've had much experience with Eagle stuff...strong parts , but it needs work.
no bore

no boring just crankshaft, rods, and pistons with any desired compression for 1800. no boring required.
Re: no bore

blueSI said:
no boring just crankshaft, rods, and pistons with any desired compression for 1800. no boring required.
You are correct, that is all you need to stroke a B16A to a 1.8 and a B18 to a 2.0 liter. In order to go over that you will have to bore out the block. Why does everyone rip on ESP for being made in China? I thought all ESP products were finished up in the US. I have never had any balancing problems with any ESP products, but then again I'm only talking about rods not cranks. The only problem I have about ESP is the weight of their rods(345grams), their a lot heavier then I thought.
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