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Hello Super Honda Members!

Yes what you are reading is true! If you have always wanted HIDs but could not justify the $200+ for a high quality kit, or could not take a chance trusting a $50 kit from Ebay if it’s the same thing, we now make it easier than ever for you! This simple upgrade reaps a ton of benefits and you will see what we mean the very first time you drive after this kit is installed. Driving at night will be a whole new experience than what you are use to with Halogen. You will see the road/objects better, light distance is 3 times further, all things making you more aware of your surroundings at night leading to safer driving. And on top of that they make the car look modern and stylish.

These Eagleye Xenon HID Conversion Kits are up there with the best of them for quality and performance. These kits come out with a less than .5% defect rate. That is the lowest defect rate in the HID market confirming its highest quality ranking. What does that mean? It means that 3 months down the road your HID kit will not fail on you and leave you with no warranty support to replace it. Eagleye Kits also give you a great cut off line so the light beam will not travel too high blinding oncoming traffic. These are in no way shape or form a knock off HID Kit like sold almost everywhere else. So many kits are sold with no real brand name and are ripping off a lot of people out there. We are a direct distributor with Eagleye. That means if any issues occur, you deal with us directly and we deal with the manufacture. For 2 years, any defect not produced by a bad installation will be covered for replacement. Most companies only offer 6 months. That's because deep down that product is not going to last much longer than that.

If you want to do it right the first time, or replace the cheap kit you made a mistake buying last time, then this Group Buy Special is for you. Eagleye for the first time is carrying a Slim Ballast Kit. To help promote it we are offering a FREE upgrade if you order from this group buy. Slim Ballasts make installation even easier by giving you more options where to locate the ballast. The car owners we have sold Eagleye HID kits to are extremely happy with their quality, warranty, and over all cost. We also sell them to local install shops in Philadelphia so we know first hand how easy they are to install, how long they last, and how great they perform. Unbelievably you will get this conversion kit for $99.95 shipped with a 2 year warranty. Get in on this group buy and choose either a FREE SLIM BALLAST UPGRADE or a FREE 2nd SET OF HID BULBS. You must enter the codes int he advertisement below to receive either promotion. Shipping times are 3-20 days depending on availability and we keep a good supply in stock here in the US. Any car can be converted to HID. There is a bulb reference page on our site to help you find your cars correct bulb size if you do not already know that information. If you have questions about the product or your order status please PM me directly instead of posting in the thread so I get your message directly and answer back. Thank you again SH for your support that allows us to give you such a great deal on this product.


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