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For those not in the know....

"April 9th. 1pm. Cox Park. Louisville, KY

We're still coming up with an itenerary, but the park meet up and hang out, a cruise, and dinner are locked in.

We are home of the famous K20 sol. Also, we have some very nice other sol's such as Mike's Christimas tree (couldn't resist buddy)- seriously though, his sol is nice! He's sponsored and has had magazine coverage. Also, Lance's b20/vtec sol. Nick's '96 Turbo'd D sol (beautiful looking car). And also my '92 SiR. I'm going to be bringing some of the locals out of the woodwork for this one, as there's at least 10 other nice sols around town that don't frequent the boards. "

Further info will continue to be posted over on another board that apparently isn't welcome this thread: "East Coast Invasion"

So I guess email me at [email protected] or aim @ delsloooow for more info or the addy of the other forum. Cheers.

Hope to see all you sol'ers there =)

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*East Coast Invasion Itinerary*

-Drive down for everyone and check in for the night

-Cox Park meet @ 1pm-4pm
-Travel over to Floyd Knobs 4pm-5pm
-Dinner @ TBA 7pm

-Breakfast @ Shoney's

So we figured that everyone would drive up on Fri. night to get a good night's sleep (or party for those who are more adventurous or crazy) so that they would be in good spirits for the meet.

Then Sat we can go to the park and hang out for a couple of hours and take pictures and what not. After that, Mike suggested that we go over to Floyd Knobs, which are apparently some fun roads to drive with lots of twisties. I'm not talking autox but a spirited cruise. I've never been, but it’s popular on the local boards.

Sat night is currently open. The local track, Ohio Valley, opens on April 1st. But I still have to call and verify specifics with the weekend. Running the 1/8 (sorry, no quarter), runs $15 for as many runs as you want, but is limited to the number of people there. Entry for just being a spectator is $5. Its good times, but I understand that some might not be interested, so I need feedback on this one.

Also, dinner that night is still a variable. We're looking into a pizza place that is downtown, but I still have to verify the capacities.

I spoke with the hotel today about getting group rates, however, the person in charge of such things isn't in till tomorrow. So I'll post up tomorrow night about that.

I ask that a verified list (100% going) start and will be closed as of March 1st. There are a lot of things that depend on the number of people that are coming such as the group rate that I get (tomorrow I'm going to estimate 25 people, so 10-12 rooms for a price).

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