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So I've been meaning to do this for a long time...I've had HIDs in the car (98 Lude) for about 2 years--had to replace the bulbs this week because one burnt out--wow these things are cheap now, I got 2 for $30. Anyway...the stock halogen housing with xenon bulbs sucks...light obviously sprays all over the place, no discernible cut-off.
Has anyone here tried the ebay projectors? Have you used them with HIDs? how is the cutoff? How do they compare to the stock VWs Audis BMWs Mercedes etc etc that come factory with them?
Is it worth it to get them for $200 or just spend the money retrofitting some D2-S units and projectors into the stock housing? The retrofit is something I really don't want to delve into myself...too many things could possibly go wrong, and those stock headlights are expensive...mine are less than a year old...

Thanks in advance for any input, I tried asking this before but got no results...maybe the headlights were still too new at that point.
Here's a bit of info. Jlude can hook you up for about $650-$700
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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