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ebay question

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I was surfing through e-bay for the first time searching for products and found intake manifolds for $40 bucks, headers for $120 bucks, gauges for $24.99 etc, some of these things sound too good to be true, and according to the seller are new. Can someone tell me if it is safe to buy there?
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Read the sellers feedback and reviews.
email some of the people that bought the products and see if they like them and are good quality or not.
Keep in mind, there are a LOT of people who will sell things on eBay with names like, for example, "AEM style cold air intake CAI with filter." Watch out for that "style" part; it's a surefire sign that it's some knockoff (that most likely won't perform as well as an actual AEM.) Gotta read carefully on eBay ;)
Hi yeah check all there feedback, there might be a reserve price, keep in mind what clique had to say. Just be carefull Iv bought off Ebay several times! :)
make sure you read what brand they are, then see if thats a starting price and if there's a reserve. if you still have any questions, email the seller. if they want your business, they will be happy to answer your questions.
HEY! EBAY sucks man. At least when it comes to buying stuff for your pride and joy.

Everyone I know has fallen into it at one point, JUST BECAUSE IT's cheaper. But hey, you really do get what you pay for. The shit there is RARELY ever Top Quality. Even most of the stuff that truly IS brand name SUCKS. It tends to be a refurbished item, or a send back from another company... so the sellers on ebay NEVER take it back if its wrong! NOT only that, I'm just gonna flat out say, they are stupid. ONly 10% of the time do you really get the part that was made for your CAR!

1)My friend bought some 25 dollar strut bars for his 96 civic. You'd think, 'How hard is that, everybody's got a civic'... you'd also assume they'd have the correct part and plenty of it. Well, it's been two months and the guy that sent the wrong piece of junk won't answer his emails.

2) My brother, about 1 month ago, bought carpet for his car. After the guy got his payment, he must have decided to keep the stuff.

3) I only bought a set of altezzas. My last ebay mistake for car parts. The passenger side went on fine, but the drivers' side was warped from the factory. It took a lot of effort to get it of there. The next day, I looked inside of it and a piece was broken off. I could tell they just slapped some paint over the mirrored crack.... AND FINALLY, 4 days later; my 'good' altezza broke. The whole red circle just came loose and is now DANGLING inside the housing.

SO much for GOING cheap!
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ive had no probs with buying gear for my car on ebay...
I have never had a problem with Ebay.

Just remember that you get what you pay for. Read the descriptions carefully. Some sellers misrepresent what they are selling. They may list intakes that are actually short rams but they advertise them to be cold air intakes.
I have never had any problems. as long as you know exactly what you are bidding on
ebay would not be the problem here, it would be the seller, ebay is just the middleman in this deal.

if you buy and don't like it, just put it up again for a "more" reasonable price, then the next sucker err bidder would think it's a genuine part and not too good to be true. J/K
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